“Because we want to make this industry better. I’m a Latino creator, I’m Cuban American, I’m Cuban/Afro-Cuban, I’m a lot of things, and I want to not just hear publishers talk about diversity, I want to be that diversity, and I want to make that possible for others as well.” Ulises Farinas – Comics Beat

“Buño will be a positive force in the industry to help bring small press publications by diverse creators to a larger audience.” – Comics Alliance

“Ulises has fostered an amazing and eclectic community of artists and storytellers with such a wonderfully diverse range of style and vision.” Mike Kennedy – Comicosity

Light is a haunting, atmospheric, and emotional tale.” – Comics Beat

The Guardian Force Design Manual, a beautiful book full of cool character designs and intricate mech blueprints that will captivate your imagination.” – Comics Beat

“I am a sucker for modern myths and low fantasy stories, so a story about two girls being imbued with the power of gods and going on a journey of discovery and reconciliation seems right up my alley.” (On Cloudia & Rex) – Comics Beat

“This comic has a lot of very talented artists working on it and sometimes it felt like a new comic when the style changed.” (On Warm Blood) – Elin’s Era